A Fox News for Pop Culture

Washingtonians don’t mind if you say that D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people. But tell them their city is not the epicenter of power they think it is, and they’ll be troubled. Hollywood’s society of conservatives, the Friends of Abe, believes that the war of ideas is happening in our culture, not our think tanks. … Continue reading

Do We Want Involved Dads?

Work-life balance is vital, but if it were a storyline on a favorite TV show, we’d say it had jumped the shark. We discuss the importance of implementing family-friendly policies and promoting work-life balance for working mothers ad nauseam. In some ways, the more interesting question, because it remains relatively unexplored, may be: What about the … Continue reading

Get Into ‘The Mindy Project’ In Time For Season 4

Hooray for Hulu’s deciding to pick up season four of “The Mindy Project”! Fox made a disappointing call in canceling the show earlier this month, but at least they’re doing fans a solid, offering all season three episodes online in advance of the transition. Hallowed Hulu, meanwhile, has saved us all from having a hole in our … Continue reading

Don’t Compartmentalize Kids

The cover of the June issue of Australian Elle magazine tells a powerful tale. We see model Nicole Trunfio nursing her young son and enjoying the special coziness that mothers regularly share with their infants. However, the backstory is even better. Unlike last year’s Glamour shots of Olivia Wilde nursing her son, the cover that Australian subscribers will see apparently wasn’t planned. According … Continue reading

If Parental Leave Matters, So Do Parents

Parenting is a puzzle. It’s one that every parent pieces together differently, and there’s often no one right answer. However, there are certain premises elemental to any parenting discussion; if all sides can’t accept them, we can’t have an honest debate about parenting, or the public policies that affect it. I thought of this while … Continue reading

Mama, You’re a Superhero

Former supermodel Christy Turlington is used to turning heads. But she most recently caused ears to perk up when she told Britain’s Red magazine, “Giving birth was probably the most empowering thing I’ve ever done physically. I was like, now I can do anything. I can run a marathon . . . I can run three marathons!” Having twice … Continue reading

The Virtue of Being a Dad

Can you imagine acknowledging your worst parenting fail? How about doing it at an AEI event with C-SPAN’s camera rolling? If you’re a mother, I’ll bet you’re out. But if you’re a father, you might be game. What is it that makes men and women see the world so differently, especially parenting and our roles as parents? … Continue reading

Devaluing Life on “Scandal”

Patients expect to be treated for their ailments without question on Grey’s Anatomy. They don’t even realize how lucky they are, because on Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, which airs immediately afterward, those same patients would have to justify their lives before anyone saved them. If anyone decided to help at all. This raises questions for viewers: How much is a … Continue reading

(Most) Married Mothers Want Balance

Online craft marketplace Etsy, which is powered primarily by women, joined the Nasdaq exchange on April 16. Market watchers greeted its early success with surprise—which speaks volumes about how they, as well as major media outlets and government officials, think about women. However, as the market launch demonstrated, some widely held assumptions, like mothers’ work-related preferences, are based … Continue reading

Death Comes for McDreamy

We are all hopeless romantics. In spite of several waves of feminism and endless assurances that American women can live our best lives solo, it seems many of us still want the guy. At least, the millions of women who are Grey’s Anatomy fans still want an ideal catch like Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd, known affectionately as “McDreamy.” … Continue reading


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