Make Jewish Schools More Affordable

Expand Tax Breaks for Jewish Schools The fate of the tax cuts enacted during George W. Bush’s administration will be decided by the end of this year. Deep inside the tax package is a program that the Jewish community should mobilize to save. Here’s why: A day school education is the single best way to … Continue reading

The Elephant Speaks

The online version of the Harvard Kennedy School‘s student newspaper, The Citizen, has been down, so I am re-posting my article here.   The Elephant Speaks There’s an elephant in the Forum, and it’s no use ignoring it. This school prizes diversity, recruiting students from many countries and many backgrounds. It prides itself on welcoming … Continue reading

A Cake-centric Celebration

In Search of the Perfect Kosher Birthday Cake Do you remember your first birthday? I don’t. My parents do have photographic evidence that I attended, and they’ve repeatedly reminisced about the great cake I had. It was chocolate and featured a marzipan mouse, in honor of my baby nickname, Melissa Mouse. In the intervening years, … Continue reading

Daring Parents to Break the Law

The Nanny Tax There are certain laws everybody breaks. Everybody jaywalks, nobody respects the speed limit, and nobody pays taxes for the children’s nanny. But would more parents follow nanny-related laws if the system were more straightforward? As a new mother, I wonder. I had spent several years as a full-time speechwriter. Last spring, I … Continue reading