Happy Travels With Toddlers

10 Tips for Flying With Kids Over the past year, I’ve flown a lot–way more than I would have anticipated with a new baby. Lila and I have flown up and down the East Coast and all the way to Europe. It hasn’t always been easy–especially when it’s been just us girls–but I’ve gained some … Continue reading

Imagining my Baby’s Bashert

On Toddlers and Soul-mates Do you ever wonder about your baby’s bashert? Jewish tradition teaches that each of us has a bashert, the one we are fated to be with. G-d chooses that other person before we are born, and it is our job to find our other half here on Earth. On most days … Continue reading

Dinner With Debbie Friedman

Dinner With Debbie Friedman Due to my husband’s long work hours, dinner at our house is often ladies night, adapted for the Mommy-and-Me set. Like any top chef, I start Lila’s meal with an amuse bouche. That is, I let Lila chomp on some Cheerios, while I design that night’s dinner menu. Sometimes Lila and … Continue reading