Jewish in Geneva

Jewish in Geneva Hebrew may not be a universal language, but well-traveled Israelis make it a handy travel tool. I learned that as a rising college senior, when a gal pal and I backpacked around Europe, bumping into Israelis everywhere. My French was as non-existent then as it is now, but my Hebrew was quite … Continue reading

Fearing Only Fearlessness

Worst Case Toddler Scenarios My first boss in Washington was like an honorary big brother. In between directing our little staff about housing policy matters, he offered life lessons. “When you have a kid,” he assured me, “you’ll be ready to hurl yourself in front of a moving car just to make sure it doesn’t … Continue reading

Pregnant in Flats

What’s Up With the Women on “Pregnant in Heels“? When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the very rich “are different from you and me,” I doubt he had pregnant women on the brain. But Bravo’s producers took his sentiment to its logically rotund conclusion with the reality TV show “Pregnant in Heels.” Each week, maternity … Continue reading

The Longest Ride

What a Long, Long Trip It’s Been No road trip is ever longer than one that involves an overtired toddler. It doesn’t matter what the clock says. The screaming, crying, and general fussiness last forever. You feel terrible for your child’s misery and find yourself vowing to never drive anywhere ever again. Our biggest family … Continue reading

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Figuring Out This Sleep Thing By Trial & Error To sleep, perchance to sleep long enough to dream. Ever since I became a mother last May, that’s all I’ve wanted. Lila started life as a good sleeper. But our beginners’ sleep luck ran out during her third month, in the run-up to our Boston-D.C. move. … Continue reading