Fleece Gunapod is a Gunadon’t

Raggedy Ann models the Party Collection Gunapod.

Raggedy Ann, who’s the size of a tall 2-year- old, models Gunamuna’s Party Collection Gunapod.

Swaddling is a great idea, but it took some time for my husband and me to master it, especially since newborn Lila preferred kicking off her blanket. In those early days, no one slept much, and everyone was grumpy.

Another mother mentioned her son’s success with the Woombie, and I decided to try it. The Woombie was a miracle. The front zipper was easy to use, and Lila loved the snug fit, best described as sleeping-while-hugged. When Lila outgrew that first Woombie, I ordered the next (and last) size, which is intended for babies up to 25 pounds. Lila loved that Woombie too, and over time, she developed her own unique one-shoulder, toga-like sleeping style; her left arm was always tucked inside, while her right arm stayed out, leaving her right thumb accessible for sucking – Lila’s I’m too-tired-to-stay-up tell.

Lila is now 18-months-old, and we’ve tried putting her to bed minus a sleep sack, but that never ends well. So, when that second Woombie grew snug, I began investigating alternatives. I remembered encountering Gunamuna on social media months earlier, so I tweeted to inquire about trying one of their sleep sacks. They graciously sent Lila one of their new Party Collection fleece sleep sacks for free, and we’ve now tested it.

The Gunapod is more elaborate than what we were used to, but the embellishments aren’t all improvements:

1)      The design isn’t appealing. Both of our Woombies were solid colors, but Gunamuna’s Party Collection comes in only stripes. Broad horizontal stripes aren’t particularly feminine, attractive, or sleep-inducing (they’re loud).

2)      The sleep sack is enormous. I ordered a large based on Gunamuna’s online guide, but I couldn’t believe just how huge the sleep sack was when I opened the package. It’s more like a sleeping bag and less like the close-fitting sleep sacks we’ve loved. That may be a function of Lila’s growing bigger (and older), but it still seemed like a lot of spare fabric.

The Gunapod's fabric up close, after a few washes.

The Gunapod’s fleece up close. It hasn’t fared well, even after only a few washes.

3)      Design choices are confusing. There are four zippers, including one up the front and two along my daughter’s sides (under her arms). Lila is used to being zipped only up the front. When she occasionally notices those side zippers, she unzips them, leaving her ‘unsnuggled,’ and defeating the purpose of the sleep sack. As for the zipper at the bottom, we would never unzip Lila for diaper changes when she’s already in her sleep sack. Lastly, I couldn’t tell what purpose the shoulder snaps served; we’ve never used them.

4)      The sleep sack is nearly always too warm. Families in houses, especially older, drafty houses might prefer fleece. However, we live in an apartment. So other than the handful of nights that are particularly cold, this is simply too much blanket. Lila can tolerate the fleece if I dress her in summer pajamas, but otherwise, she’s more likely to cry and protest the temperature – rather than sleep.

5)      The fleece fabric is poorly made. It pills. It also sheds on everything, both right out of the package and even after several washes. Ultimately, this is the reason I wouldn’t recommend a Party Collection Gunapod; it doesn’t wear well.

If you’re in the market for a fleece sleep sack, skip this one and keep searching.


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