Toddleritis & Modern Parenting

More from the Annals of Toddleritis I was totally feeling Jordana’s piece on Toddleritis. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni’s recent parenting critique? Not so much. The childless Bruni considers modern parenting too indulgent and democratic. His self-described parenting credential is being Uncle Frank, but the gap between aunt/uncle and parent is like that between … Continue reading

Confronting My Fear of Driving for My Daughter

It’s a bit embarrassing. I didn’t even tell my friends. But now that it’s over, I confess: my new year’s resolution for 2013 was to take driving lessons. Yes, I already had a driver’s license. I’ve had a license since I was 17 and living in the New York suburbs. But I left for college … Continue reading

Roadtripping with Children and Other Modern Plagues

The Israelites spent 40 years wandering in circles in the Sinai. Strong youngsters walked ahead, while the elderly, infirm, children, and their parents followed. After this year’s Passover family road trip, winding through the wilds of New Jersey’s back roads, I understand why. Everything simply takes longer with children, including travel. My husband and I … Continue reading