Call the Midwife & Back-Alley Abortion

As a general rule, I prefer to maintain a strict separation between my art and my politics. My politics are admittedly at variance with most artists, but I also find that introducing politics can taint otherwise spectacular art, making it more mundane. I thought about this after watching a recent episode of Call the Midwife, an … Continue reading

The Mothers of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey closed its third season with the estate’s heir, Matthew Crawley, assuring his wife, Mary, that she’ll be a good mother to their new son because she’s a good woman. His comment rings all the more poignant because this fairy-tale couple is about to face disaster: Matthew is tragically killed in a car accident … Continue reading

Weaned: A Bittersweet Victory

Visions of riesling and NyQuil danced in my head. I missed them so much, especially the medicine, by the time I caught my third severe cold of the winter. Being sick is no fun, but being both ill and home alone all day with a spirited 21-month-old is possibly the definition of the Pits. Even … Continue reading