“Sex and the City” is Old School

Sex and the City: Not Aging Well Princesses: Long Island has little to recommend it as elevating entertainment goes. The dialogue isn’t particularly witty, the storylines aren’t ground-breaking, and the characters are Jewish caricatures (thanks, Bravo). However, amidst the muck, this new show has the potential to tell a surprisingly family-friendly story. While society at large … Continue reading

Home Alone on Mad Men

“It’s 10pm. Do you know where your children are?” When I was growing up in New York, Fox 5 used to pose that question every night at ten. If we were all watching TV together, my mother liked to respond, “Yes, they’re right here.” Similarly, I always like to know where my toddler is and … Continue reading

Family Ties in “Nashville”

We can run, but some ties inevitably bind. Especially where family is concerned, those ties act like rubber bands, snapping us back to our past. Attempts to both escape and mend those familial relationships are familiar, but the first soapy season of Nashville—brimming with glitz, glamour, and fabulous music—devoted a notable amount of time to … Continue reading