What Happened to Jessica Simpson?

Celebrities are not like you and me. They have stylists, publicists, and post-modern values. However, occasionally we learn about celebrities with protective parents or a strong traditional streak. Jessica Simpson used to be the quintessence of traditional morality. Back in 2000, Jessica Simpson had made a name for herself as a “good girl”, with values … Continue reading

Ladies, It’s Time to Raise Our Dating Expectations

Millennials didn’t invent the hookup culture. I remember my introduction in the fall of 1995, while visiting Harvard. I was a high school senior, trying to decide where to apply, so I spent a weekend in Cambridge. My four female hosts took me to a House-sponsored party in their dining hall (“House” being an upperclass … Continue reading

Bert and Ernie: Just Friends

Sometimes a friend really is just a friend. The cover of the latest New Yorker begs to differ, presenting Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie as a closeted gay couple. This raises an important question: why must some adults project sexuality onto every relationship, including those between puppets for the preschool set? The conventional wisdom is … Continue reading