Rosh Hashanah Resolution: A Wish for the Community

For 5774, I resolve to be better about going to bed early and always getting enough sleep. When I’m well rested, everything seems to fall into place. But when I’m underslept, I’m less patient and less likely to be the person – and parent – I aspire to be. I’d also like to offer a … Continue reading

Murphy Brown’s Daughters

Has Dan Quayle ever watched Drop Dead Diva? I doubt it, but recent episodes might horrify him. In 1992, our then-Vice President warned Americans about “Murphy Brown, a character who supposedly epitomizes today’s intelligent, highly paid professional woman, mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice”. … Continue reading

Sudden Separation

Certain memories stick with you. Three decades later, my mother recalls the first time she spent a night away from me; she was hospitalized while pregnant with my sister. I fear that when Lila is my age, I too will remember the first time we spent a night apart, especially now that we’ve spent several … Continue reading

Parenting in a Bad Economy

The New York Times magazine’s current cover story reads like an article in search of a trend. The Times interviewed three educated women who stayed home with their young children and are now ready to work again. The article may induce anxiety in stay-at-home mothers and validate working mothers, but does it really teach us … Continue reading

Weinergate’s Littlest Casualty

In 2011, I sympathized with Huma Abedin. Anthony Weiner was undoubtedly abhorrent, but when she announced her pregnancy, I thought I understood her calculus: Better to stay together and offer their child an intact family life. Today, Huma makes more sense to me as a political player than a mother, though. I watched Anthony Weiner’s … Continue reading

Is ‘Verily’ the Future of Women’s Magazines?

If you’re a woman who loves reading about fashion, culture and relationships — a woman who finds that Cosmopolitan and Glamour don’t speak to you — you should know about Verily magazine. It’s not your typical women’s magazine, and it’s motto proves that fact: “Less of who you should be, more of who you are.” … Continue reading