5 Ways We’ve Changed since Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles, the classic chick flick and teen angst standard, was recently on TV (again). I was too young to appreciate it when Sixteen Candles was released in 1984, but I now understand where Molly Ringwald’s Samantha Baker is coming from; it is lousy when all of her friends and family forget her 16th birthday … Continue reading

TV Moms Can’t Have It All Either

We watch TV to escape. Yet sometimes, TV writers borrow from reality, and that can be surprisingly satisfying because it speaks directly to challenges in our own lives. In recent episodes of Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy, both Julia Braverman-Graham and Meredith Grey have struggled with the realities of modern motherhood, and that pesky question about whether … Continue reading

Britney Spears: Hardworking, Sexy Mom

Britney Spears can still surprise us. Last week, she released the video for her latest song, “Work B**ch,” and there were two striking things: the song’s lyrics, which celebrate hard work, and her public discussion of her sexy image, now that she’s also a mother. “Work B**ch” is presumably intended to be a Saturday night … Continue reading