Girl Scout Cookies in Your Coffee

Start your day happy (

Start your day happy (

There are certain tastes and smells that elicit happy memories. Coffee will always be on that list for me. While I gave up my daily coffee habit during pregnancy, I still miss it. There’s nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee first thing on a cold, dark winter’s morning. When I have a mug now, it’s a rare treat.

My college roommate and I bonded over our shared love of a well brewed cup. And when we took road trips, we always stopped for coffee. I associate flavored coffee creamers with gas station convenience stores, where I’d skip the unrefrigerated half-and-half in favor of the artificially flavored vanilla creamer. It was a nice break from routine, since I typically took skim milk with my coffee.

So, I was interested in the new line of Coffeemate’s creamers that taste like Girl Scout cookies. Their display was the first I stopped at in the expo hall at BlogHer this past summer. The presenters had poured small amounts of both the Thin Mint (chocolaty mint) and Caramel and coconut (based on Samoas) into small Dixie cups, like virgin shots. It tasted like drinking liquid dessert.

I had that same reaction recently when I re-tried both creamers at home, after agreeing to do a review; Coffeemate’s public relations firm sent me a free bottle of both flavors, and they are quite good. I typically prefer chocolate desserts and don’t like coconut, but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked both creamers.

Both cookie flavors are certified kosher (OU-D). They need to be refrigerated, but they last for several months, far longer than a gallon of milk. And both creamers are 35 calories per tablespoon. So, while they don’t have the nutritional value of milk, they’re that perfect extra something if you’re looking to treat yourself.


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