Even Betty on “Mad Men” Wants to be a Loved Mom

“Do you think I’m a good mother?” Betty asks second husband Henry Francis, as she cuddles in bed with sleeping Gene, her youngest child. “Of course,” he reassures her. Henry is a savvy politico by day and charms his wife by night. After all, who thinks Betty Francis is a good mother? This is a … Continue reading

Don’t Write Off Working Class Dads

Professors Naomi Cahn and June Carbone deserve to be ignored. And yet, their real-world advice is so potentially destructive, it demands a response. The professors write, “Although it defies logic, socioeconomic, cultural, and economic changes have brought white working-class women like Lily [the woman whose life informs their Slate article] to the point where going … Continue reading

Interview with Julie Geller: Mom, Singer, and Songwriter

Editor’s Note: Altcatholicah is committed to interfaith dialogue and fostering fruitful conversation about faith and gender. Here, Melissa Langsam Braunstein interviews a Jewish singer and songwriter about the challenges of balancing career and motherhood as well as about the role her faith plays in influencing her music. Julie Geller is living her musical dream. The … Continue reading

Julie Geller’s Thoughtful, Melodic Life: An Interview

Denver’s Julie Geller lives a thoughtful and melodic life. The singer-songwriter not only writes and sings her own music in English and Hebrew, but also teaches, in addition to raising three kids with her husband. She recently agreed to speak with Acculturated about her music and being an artist: What inspired you to sing professionally? In … Continue reading

Who Should Feminists Really Hate: Kirsten Dunst or Lady Gaga?

Feminists are furious with actress Kirsten Dunst. She is being trashed online as “an insufferable person”, “kind of dumb”, and other harsh, expletive-laden phrases unfit for print. Her sin? During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, Dunst dared to speak well of femininity, including the traditional role of a nurturing mother: “’I feel like … Continue reading

Who Needs That Seat More, You or the Preggo?

A woman waddles toward you in the Metro station. Her navy blue dress embraces a ballooning belly. It strikes you, as you stare, that she’s pregnant. She keeps approaching, but you stay seated; it’s been a long day, you think, as you wait for the day’s last train. It’s not until she’s standing right before … Continue reading