Festival of Freedom

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers?

For me, the story of the Jews’ journey out of Egypt — out of bondage — feels personally resonant, after a year in which my extended family has encountered countless emotional and physical hardships. Most scarring for me was the miscarriage I suffered on September 11, 2013. Now I will always associate that day of national tragedy with a personal tragedy — the loss of a life I had begun excitedly anticipating, even narrowing down names.


My husband and I were spoiled after our first pregnancy. Everything had gone so smoothly, and we naively assumed that all would be fine the second go-round, too; this time, though, my body terminated the pregnancy. Ours wasn’t an accidental pregnancy. This would have been a greatly desired child, and yet for whatever reason, we will never meet her. (My husband and I were convinced we were having a girl.)

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