Do You Hate Your Children?

Many adults can’t stand kids. The tragic thing is that some of them are already parents. In honor of Mother’s Day, feminist website Jezebel scoured anonymous social media site Whisper for posts from parents who regret procreating.  One parent shares, “I love my kids so much . . . but I regret having them every … Continue reading

Can An Abortion Story Be ‘Positive’?

I don’t believe abortion counselor Emily Letts. Having read Letts’ new Cosmopolitan magazine interview and watched her abortion video, I think she’s trying too hard to convince everyone – including herself – that her brief, autobiographical film tells a “positive” story. Letts tells Cosmopolitan, “Still, every time I watch the video, I love it. I love … Continue reading

Please Don’t Call Me a “Homemaker”

Ester Bloom, co-editor of the Billfold, opens “Reclaiming ‘Homemaker,’” her puzzling Slate article, by asserting: “Everyone agrees: The term ‘stay-at-home mom’ is no good.” Bloom offers no proof, or even an explanation of the mythical “everyone,” but I can confirm that it does not include me. Bloom may hope to start a cultural movement, reclaiming … Continue reading