Telenovela Outreach to Latinos: The GOP’s Future?

Businesswoman Clara Del Villar wants to help the GOP. A Dominican-American, Del Villar has watched conservatives and libertarians repeatedly fail to connect with Latinos. She believes it’s time for a more creative approach. Toward that end, Del Villar has filmed 12 Webisodes of “Familia Con Fuego,” or “Family With Fire,” a new pro-free-market telenovela about … Continue reading

“Family with Fire”: The Free-Market Telenovela

The morning after Election Day is too often painful. The night before, Latino voters were tantalizingly within reach. Yet, in the morning’s light, Republican politicos are heartbroken, having failed to woo that coveted demographic. Dominican-American Clara Del Villar, herself a conservative, has a better idea: The GOP should engage Hispanics where they already are, namely … Continue reading

Robin Thicke’s Odd Public Apology to His Estranged Wife

Apologizing isn’t easy. Apologizing publicly is even harder. So what inspired singer Robin Thicke to publicly attempt reconciliation with his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton? According to Us Weekly, the couple’s February split was Patton’s call alone. So while it’s true that Patton told Vanity Fair in May that “’there’s a deep love there—always was, … Continue reading