My Big Fat Wedding for One

Must weddings join two adults by definition? One Houston woman, it seems, is on a mission to prove they don’t. In honor of her 40th birthday, Yasmin Eleby just married herself. As Cosmopolitan coarsely explains, “Yasmin Eleby was fulfilling a vow she had made to herself that if she wasn’t married by the age of 40, she’d … Continue reading

More on that “Free” Community College Idea

President Obama, likely influenced by his personal experience with college loan debt, is taken with the idea of offering Americans two years of free community college. The real issue, of course, is that one person’s “free” is another person’s suddenly exorbitant tax bill. So the question becomes, what do we owe one another, and do … Continue reading

Fertility Gets The Hollywood Treatment

We’ve all heard about suffering for beauty. What about suffering for a baby? Pregnancy is no walk in the park, but it’s typically easier to conceive a baby naturally earlier than via technology later. According to the Fertility Authority website, “Women undergoing infertility treatment report the same level of stress, anxiety, and depression as women … Continue reading

Embarrassing: Secretary of State Wants to Hug Paris

What an embarrassment. For as long as I can remember, America was the world’s superpower. We were even called “cowboys” on the world stage, and France was widely regarded as our more dovish ally in the Free World. No more. It seems, we are now the conscientious objectors, not even “leading from behind.” After Parisians … Continue reading