Melanie Griffith Drops The Hollywood Act When It Comes To Her Daughter

At least Dakota Johnson has a sense of humor. “Saturday Night Live” posted several promotional videos to advertise her hosting this weekend’s show, and the first mocks her behavior on the Oscars red carpet last Sunday. The ribbing is well deserved, and it’s nice that Johnson can be in the joke. Johnson’s red-carpet performance during her interview with … Continue reading

The Rape of Queen Mary on “Reign”

It’s killing Mary’s marriage. Poor Queen Mary, known to history as Mary Queen of Scots, has been suffering for many weeks now, as Reign blends historical fact with contemporary fiction. We have witnessed the Queen’s rape and the subsequent fallout in her (first) marriage to France’s King Francis (who was dauphin, in historical fact). Many Reign fans have protested the storyline, … Continue reading

J.K. Simmons Wants You to Call Your Mom

Every Oscars broadcast needs some surprises. Otherwise, why would anyone watch? This year, it was J.K. Simmons (who I will always think of as Juno’s dad) who brought the applause-worthy, relatable message. The Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner for Whiplash, Simmons offered refreshing remarks in his acceptance speech this past weekend: After thanking his wife and praising his kids, he … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Jessica Simpson

Beyoncé may have been drunk in love, but Jessica Simpson is apparently bound in love—as in BDSM. The singer-turned-fashion mogul celebrated her first Valentine’s Day married to former NFL player Eric Johnson by posting three photos of them to her Instagram account. Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, the #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON pictures certainly offer a different view of marriage. … Continue reading

Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Hannah Davis: Feminist?

More on Hannah Davis and Her Itsy Bitsy Swimsuit Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis (who has been discussed here by my collegue Charlotte Allen) is apparently not content to shock Americans by so fully sharing her “plus size” — read healthy-looking — figure. No, she’s decided to take on critics of her lascivious Sports Illustrated cover shot, in which … Continue reading

After Close Calls With Both of My Daughters, Blue is My Least Favorite Color

Blue is the worst color. It’s the hue of fear cloaked in calmness, while chaos truly reigns. It’s the color that no mother wants to see illuminating her child, but which dared discolor both of my daughters during 2014. In short, blue is terrifying. I first encountered blue while delivering my second daughter last summer. After a … Continue reading

Does “Downton Abbey” Have a Jewish Problem?

Lady Rose seems to specialize in dating men who raise her family’s hackles. Men who represent the edge of polite society in some sense. Last season, it was a charming African-American jazz singer, and this week, it was Downton Abbey’s first Jewish character, Atticus Aldridge. Aldridge’s name sounds quintessentially British and not at all Jewish (being … Continue reading