(Most) Married Mothers Want Balance

Online craft marketplace Etsy, which is powered primarily by women, joined the Nasdaq exchange on April 16. Market watchers greeted its early success with surprise—which speaks volumes about how they, as well as major media outlets and government officials, think about women. However, as the market launch demonstrated, some widely held assumptions, like mothers’ work-related preferences, are based … Continue reading

Death Comes for McDreamy

We are all hopeless romantics. In spite of several waves of feminism and endless assurances that American women can live our best lives solo, it seems many of us still want the guy. At least, the millions of women who are Grey’s Anatomy fans still want an ideal catch like Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd, known affectionately as “McDreamy.” … Continue reading

Maryland Police Detain Kids For Walking Three Blocks To The Park

Lay down your arms. The so-called Mommy Wars are over, and the helicopter parents have won. Last Sunday afternoon, three Montgomery County police squad cars picked up Rafi and Dvora Meitiv, who are 10 and 6 years old, respectively. Why? Because “a neighbor apparently saw the children walking alone [Sunday] evening and called 911. A local television station reported the children were … Continue reading