15 Things More Brave Than Amy Schumer Posing Naked

Is this the height of bravery (vanity fair.com)?

Is this the height of bravery (vanity fair.com)?

Comedienne Amy Schumer is being described in some quarters as “brave.” Why? Because Schumer posed in her panties for Pirelli’s 2016 calendar.

On social media, many fans are applauding Schumer for looking comfortable in her own skin, and bully for her. But there are other ways to convey that. Female performers disrobing isn’t new, and in Hollywood, it’s anything but groundbreaking.

Let’s be honest: Hollywood has a fairly predictable set of liberal-leaning values. If Schumer wanted to do something truly brave, she’d have to say or do something that offended, or at the very least contradicted, Tinseltown’s liberal pieties. In case Schumer’s curious, here are some more original ideas for her to ponder:

  1. Appear on a list of Hollywood Republicans.
  2. Dress modestly at an awards show, even if gossip columnists disapprove.
  3. Write or star in a movie that portrays American service members as heroes.
  4. Tell her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer, that she is the National Rifle Association’s newest member.
  5. Tweet that she doesn’t, in fact, stand with Planned Parenthood.
  6. Give an interview describing motherhood as something she eagerly anticipates.
  7. Postpone sex until marriage, get publicly dumped for it, and still go out publicly.
  8. Get married, and then stay married, for the long haul. In Hollywood.
  9. Raise a family with at least four kids.
  10. Name the author who totally rocked her thinking: Ayn Rand.
  11. Beat cancer.
  12. Admit that her guilty pleasure is watching “Duck Dynasty.”
  13. Appear in an ad for Chick-fil-A.
  14. Work to elect the first ever woman president in her lifetime: Carly Fiorina.
  15. Insist Annie Leibovitz photograph her reading The Federalist.

This article appeared in The Federalist.


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