Seven changes coronavirus will have on contemporary life

Coronavirus  feels more like a sci-fi movie than real life, and yet, here it is. COVID-19 has taken over everything. We email, text, and talk about it.  It’s widely feared. And if you look at any news source, there really is no escaping it. Looking longer term, there’s reason to believe that this season of … Continue reading

What It’s Like To Have The National Guard Shutting Down Your Town Over Coronavirus

It’s not every day you see a detailed map of your hometown splashed across the news. Then again, the National Guard was never asked to set up a containment area there — until now. So if you’re wondering what it’s like to have my New York hometown figure prominently in the story of a virus … Continue reading

How Bad Is Antisemitism In Europe? Surveys Suggest It’s Rampant

The Belgian city of Aalst celebrated this year’s Carnival with grotesque displays of overt antisemitism. Revelers mocked the Wailing Wall, with some dressed as ants in Hasidic hats and others as Nazis. That theme continued in Campo de Criptana, Spain, where Carnival participants dressed up as Nazis and concentration camp prisoners, flanked by chimneys. The … Continue reading