How to Help Children Orphaned by COVID-19

There are concrete steps individuals and government officials can take to help children orphaned by COVID-19 (

The Atlantic recently ran an article urging the federal government to do more to help the country’s children who lost a parent or primary caregiver to COVID-19.1 It was long on urging assistance but shorter on detailed remedies. 

The federal government clearly has a role to play, but it can’t solve this problem singlehandedly, as much of the relevant control remains at state and local levels. It’s also not entirely clear that the problems faced by the estimated 200,000 COVID orphans can be disentangled from the problems facing children in kinship care or the 400,000 children currently in the foster system more generally. Lauri Currier, executive director of Arkansas’ The Call, told me, “What children and youth need most is safety, stability, support, and in many cases, trauma-informed therapies.” 

To read the rest, visit the Family Studies blog.

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