Girl Scout Cookies in Your Coffee

There are certain tastes and smells that elicit happy memories. Coffee will always be on that list for me. While I gave up my daily coffee habit during pregnancy, I still miss it. There’s nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee first thing on a cold, dark winter’s morning. When I have a … Continue reading

Fleece Gunapod is a Gunadon’t

Swaddling is a great idea, but it took some time for my husband and me to master it, especially since newborn Lila preferred kicking off her blanket. In those early days, no one slept much, and everyone was grumpy. Another mother mentioned her son’s success with the Woombie, and I decided to try it. The … Continue reading

Kiss the (Tiny) Cook

Earlier this year, I became intrigued by the voice that seems to serenade us from so many of Fisher-Price’s toys and contacted the company requesting an interview. Unfortunately, the woman’s identity is a trade secret, but the company offered to send us one of their new toys gratis as a consolation prize. Knowing Lila as … Continue reading

Clever Girls Wear House of Minerva

Most people mention clothing in the same breath as food and shelter, considering it one of life’s basic necessities. At the most basic level that may be true, but I grew up in a different sort of family. Children’s clothing was my mother’s passion. She regularly read Vogue Bambini, the Vogue of children’s wear, and … Continue reading

Renegades Dislike Spinach

I am not a morning person. My preference is for lunches and dinners, not breakfasts. But the BlogHer 2012 program made Digital Royalty’s Amy Jo Martin sounded like a compelling speaker, so I committed to waking with the roosters and commuted into Manhattan, just so that I could hear all of her 9am keynote speech. … Continue reading