Don’t Compartmentalize Kids

Devaluing Life on “Scandal”

Death Comes for McDreamy

Must Humor Be Politically Correct?

Is BDSM Just Another Lifestyle Choice?

The Rape of Queen Mary on “Reign”

J.K. Simmons Wants You to Call Your Mom

Fifty Shades of Jessica Simpson

Does “Downton Abbey” Have a Jewish Problem?

Where are Television’s Good Dads?

Jane the (Charming, Pregnant) Virgin

Sugar Dating: A Prettier Name for Prostitution?

The Giver: An Allegory of Obama’s America

“Family with Fire”: The Free-Market Telenovela

Robin Thicke’s Odd Public Apology to His Estranged Wife

The Raunchy, Religious Tween Comic

Why Do We Selectively Hate Hollywood Moms?

Justin Timberlake, Zionist

Do You Hate Your Children?

Please Don’t Call Me a “Homemaker”

Even Betty on “Mad Men” Wants to be a Loved Mom

Julie Geller’s Thoughtful, Melodic Life: An Interview

Who Should Feminists Really Hate: Kirsten Dunst or Lady Gaga?

Who Needs That Seat More, You or the Preggo?

Our Kid-Hostile World

On TV, Is Nasty More Compelling Than Nice?

Stephanie Seymour’s Incest Chic

Tweens and Sex: Parenting is Not a Spectator Sport

Why Does P&G’s Olympic Ad Thank Only Moms?

Sex Ed: 5 Things Masters of Sex Teaches Us About the ’50s

Katy Perry’s Cleavage, Forever on Sesame Street

The Insanity of Taking Selfies at Funerals

5 Ways We’ve Changed since Sixteen Candles

TV Moms Can’t Have It All Either

Britney Spears: Hardworking, Sexy Mom

Devious Maids and Modern Fertility

Murphy Brown’s Daughters

Parenting in a Bad Economy

Weinergate’s Littlest Casualty

What Happened to Jessica Simpson?

High on Fidelity

Sex and the City: Not Aging Well

Home Alone on Mad Men

Family Ties in “Nashville”



Interview with Julie Geller: Mom, Singer, and Songwriter


altFem                                                                                                           altFem_logo

Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed)

5 Ways to Help Jews on Fertility Journeys

The Pain of Infertility in the Jewish Community

Words of Wisdom on Adoption

Jewish Adoption Embraces the World

Adoption in the Jewish Community

The Road Not Taken

Fertility Gets The Hollywood Treatment


Arc Digital                                                                                                                                        

What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?  

Teaching “Never Again” as the Holocaust Fades from Living Memory                                                          

Bill de Blasio is Playing With Antisemitic Fire




The Dispatch          

A Paradoxical Moment for the Middle East

The Hidden Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Campaign

Bambi, Before It Was a Kids’ Movie

A New Report Sheds Light on Renewed Efforts to Free ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’

Amnesty International’s Problematic Israel Report

This Is Not How Holocaust Education Was Supposed to Work

The Troubling Prevalence of Antisemitic Attacks in Brooklyn


French Protesters Want Closure — and Justice — for the Killing of Sarah Halimi

To the Far Right and Back Again

Why This Passover Will be Different From All Other Passovers



Family Studies        

How to Help Children Orphaned by COVID-19

In Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ Final Book, Wisdom for a Divided Nation

Reaching Young Fathers of Color

COVID is Fueling Education Innovation

COVID-19 Complicates Grieving

For Generation X, Midlife Bites: A Review of Why We Can’t Sleep

A Conservative Plan for Supporting America’s Families

Four Weaknesses in Senator Gillibrand’s ‘Family Bill of Rights’

Our Infertile Future

Why Millennials Should Rethink Slow Love

Rekindling Intimacy in Marriage: An Interview with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Moms Under Pressure: A Review of Erica Komisar’s Being There

Women’s Equality in the 21st Century   

Play Hard. Work Maybe?

How American Parents Spend Their Time

Marriage, Economics, and Culture

The Pences’ Marriage Boundaries Make Sense in Today’s World

Go Ahead, Congratulate the Newly Engaged!

The “Brangelina” Break-up: Shocking or Predictable?

When Women Are Ready to Opt Back In

Universal Child Care? This Work-at-Home Mom Says, No Thanks!                                                                        

IFS-logoErin Callan Montella: From Wall Street Hot Shot to Wife and Mother

Prince William, Father First

Why Paul Ryan Matters for Parents

Parenting: German for “Misery”

Do We Want Involved Dads?

(Most) Married Mothers Want Balance

What Do Employers Owe Pregnant Employees?

Mothers Can Be More Productive at Work


The Federalist   

What It’s Like Having the National Guard Shutting Down Your Town Over Coronavirus

How Bad Is Antisemitism In Europe? Surveys Suggest It’s Rampant

The United Nations Releases An Anti-Israel Blacklist

Why Does The Oxford English Dictionary Say Some Ethnic Slurs Are ‘Derogatory’ But Not Others?

Do Gen X Women Want Power Like Nancy Pelosi’s Or Like J. Lo And Shakira?

Saying ‘Never Again’ Means Nothing If It’s Not Backed Up With Actions

National Review Shouldn’t Join The Left In Blaming Jews For Antisemitism

Joy Behar Is So Trump Deranged She Just Applauded A Neo-Nazi

Pretending Racism Against Jews Is Only The Right’s Problem Is Fueling It

Like Pepsi, Democrats Need To Reverse Course On Boycotting Israel

Linda Sarsour Is Too Antisemitic For The Women’s March, But Not For Bernie Sanders

Columbia University To Vote On Divesting From Israel

European Union Slaps ‘New Kind Of Yellow Star On Jewish-Made Products’

I’m An Observant Jew. Here’s Why I Want More Americans To Come To Jesus

‘Modern Love’ Episode Illustrates The Dangers Of Dating Dad

Give Women What They Want: Revive The Rom-Com

No, Men Don’t Need To Be More Like Women

Empire’s Abortion Debate Is Muddled, But Improved

Does American Jewry’s Future Include Officers Guarding Us In Riot Gear?

New Board Members Prove Women’s March Antisemitism Is A Feature, Not A Bug

What To Watch For As The Israeli Election Results Roll In Right Now

Bari Weiss Explains How To Fight The Rise Of Anti-Semitism

We Finally Have The Infertility Memoir Women Need To Read

Why Haven’t Republicans Stood Against Antisemitism In The Wake Of Trump’s Comments?

Europe Considers The Nazi Idea Of Requiring Jewish Businesses To Identify Themselves On Labels

No, The Israel Boycott Movement Isn’t All About Free Speech

With New House Resolutions, Democrats Finally Allow Their Israel Divide Into The Open

How Vanity Fair’s Instagram Mommy Murfer Celebrates Traditional Living

‘Never Again’ Requires Promoting Religious Freedom For All

The First Amendment Shouldn’t Be An Empty Promise To American Jews

How To ‘Shine A Light’ Against The Growing Darkness Of Anti-Semitism

12 Things Americans Can Learn From Israel’s Pro-Parenting Culture

Unlike House, U.S. Senate Unanimously Condemns Anti-Semitism

Forum Reflects On Rising Concerns For Jews Across The World

Is America Experiencing Europe’s Growing Anti-Semitism?

Buying Votes With Family Handouts Won’t Work If People Don’t Want Kids

House Discharge Petition Will Test Whether Support For Israel Is Still Bipartisan

Dear Wives: Publicly Criticizing Your Husband Makes You Look Horrible

For All Jews, The Shooting At Poway Chabad Hits Too Close To Home

7 Passover Lessons I Learned From Twitter

Airbnb’s Anti-West Bank Policy Shows Why Laws Against BDS Matter

Democrats To Jews: You Don’t Know An Anti-Semite When You Hear One

11 Lessons For Conservative Women On Campus

Democrats Need To Bounce Rep. Ilhan Omar Off The Foreign Affairs Committee, Stat

Democrats Tacitly Support Anti-Israel Movement While Pretending Not To

How To Improve The State Of Our Viciously Polarized Union

Women’s March Partners Explain Why They’re Ignoring Allegations Of Anti-Semitism

How Our Anti-Boy Culture Affects Mothers Like Me

Only Two Democrat Senators Will Publicly Oppose The Anti-Israel BDS Movement

I’m a Jew. Feel Free To Wish Me A ‘Merry Christmas,’ America!

Stumped On What To Name Your Baby? There’s A Decent App For That

Why Piers Morgan Is Completely Off-Base To Criticize Daniel Craig For Wearing His Newborn

The Kanye-Trump Bromance Highlights Our Culture’s Yearning For Fathers

Why Kanye West’s Political Stand Matters More Than Taylor Swift’s

Do The Men Struck Down By #MeToo Deserve A Second Chance?

Why Parents And The Media Need To Stop Injecting Children Into Politics

Christians United For Israel Faces Strange Problem Of Having Accomplished Its Big Goals

Lawyer’s 7 Miscarriages Lead To The Infertility Memoir Everyone Needs To Read

Mona Charen Wants You To Be Happy, And That’s Why She Advocates Sexual Sanity

Not Only Does Banning Straws Not Help The Environment Much, It Hurts Disabled People

6 Reasons Millennials Should Stop And Embrace Parenthood

What College Students Say About Their Campuses When They’re Allowed To Be Honest

Attacks On Public Officials Will Make Only The Worst Want Those Jobs

‘The Cat In The Hat’? We’re Too PC To Publish That

Comedy’s Unfunny Ladies Are Making Nasty People Of Us All. We Can Do Better

Why I’m Conflicted About Drew Barrymore’s Working Mom Comments

7 Things Kourtney Kardashian Should Consider Before Freezing Her Eggs

Professional Feminists Lena Dunham And Jill Filipovic Find The Facts Of Life Are Stubbornly Conservative

5 Lessons About Life And Love From ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’

How To Prepare For Marriage And Make It Good Once You Get There

Rob Porter Story Shows It’s Time To Agree Character Counts For Public Officials

How I’m Teaching My Kids To Behave Better Than Donald Trump Does

The Iran Protests Present An Opportunity To Teach Kids About Tyranny

5 Thoughts On The Furor Over The White House’s Hanukkah Party

This Progressive 1970s Kids Album Sounds Reactionary Now, But Should It?

5 Thoughts On Lena Dunham’s Reaction To Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

Our Perpetual Political War Is Poisoning Us

Judd Apatow, Stop Fooling Yourself. You’re Conservative

Yes, Motherhood Is A Privilege, But It’s Exactly The Opposite Of Selfish

What Happens When Jews And Christians Throw An Israel Celebration Party

11 Ways To Save The Planet Without Shrinking Your Family

Finally, There’s A Name For The Generation Between Gen X And Millennials

Unless Feminism Doesn’t Support Women’s Choices, Charlotte York Is Not Anti-Feminist

In ‘4:44,’ Jay-Z Raps A Father’s Perspective On Infertility

Looking For A Radical Solution To Bitter Politics? Teach Your Kids Manners

Why You Should Consider Starting Your Family Earlier Than You’re Planning

What Brad Pitt Could Learn From Prince Harry About Life’s Tragedies

Second Lady Karen Pence Opens Up About Her Struggles With Infertility

SNL Trashes Ivanka For Taking The High Road And Supporting Her Father

The Real Anachronism In ‘Victoria’ Is Skerrett’s Refusal To Marry Francatelli

We Shouldn’t Only Care About Anti-Semitism When Trump Is President

How To Protect Your Infant In A World Of Anti-Vaxxers

For Beyoncé And Many Women, Having A Baby Is Indeed A Miracle

6 Reasons Millennials Should Bring On The Babies Like Bristol Palin

We’re Still Waiting For A Better Memoir About Infertility

Bridget Jones Roars Back With Her Baby

Anti-Semitism Mars The Olympic Spirit

What’s It Like To Be A Jew In A Room Full Of Christians

Should You Just ‘Get The Epidural’? Maybe

Campus Conservatives, You Are Not Alone

6 Tips For Grads From A Wall Street Star

Don’t Take Hillary Clinton’s Dating Advice

Grey’s Anatomy Tackles Teen Pregnancy. Be Scared 

Alicia Florrick Of ‘The Good Wife’ Evolves Toward Motherhood                            

Adam LaRoche Puts Family First, Baseball Second

10 Reasons Americans Are Voting For A Socialist

Men Begin Re-Establishing The Meaning Of Fatherhood

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Should Stop Telling Women To Be Alone

Chris Christie’s Equal Pay Stance Is Disappointing

Soapy ‘Quantico’ Reflects Increasingly Ugly Racial Tensions

‘Married At First Sight’ Explains Why Americans Can’t Commit

6 New Spins On Hanukkah Songs

What GOP Candidates Say To A Jewish Audience

15 Things More Brave Than Amy Schumer Posing Naked

Do It For G-d (And Country)

The Spooky New Face of Anti-Semitism

Paul Ryan, Family Man

Family Is On Fleek

What Natalie Portman Gets Right And Wrong About Jews

Matisyahu Fights For The Freedom to Sing

RSVP Yes to Drunk Wedding

Hugh Hefner’s Son Rebels

What Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ Teaches About Fathers

Get Into “The Mindy Project” In Time For Season 4

The Virtue of Being a Dad

Maryland Police Detain Kids For Walking Three Blocks To The Park

Lena Dunham’s Unfunny Jewish Jokes

Fat Baby Thighs Are Something to Celebrate

Melanie Griffith Drops The Hollywood Act When It Comes To Her Daughter

Moms And Dads, Don’t Fear Your Princesses

Mission Impossible: Dressing My Daughter Modestly

Does Your Professional Conference Welcome Mothers?

Telenovela Outreach to Latinos: The GOP’s Future?

Can An Abortion Story Be ‘Positive’?

Don’t Write Off Working Class Dads


First Things                                                                                                    

Holocaust Analogies and Twenty-First-Century Victimhood


The Forward            

Georgia Jews: Vote Republican

Antisemitism is the biggest issue for Jews. Why did it never come up during the election?

This Year, We Jews Must Put Aside Our Differences And Stand As One Against Anti-Semitism

Jewish Continuity Isn’t Sexist — It’s Necessary

Jennifer Weiner Got It Wrong on Work-Life Balance Nosiness

Jewish Conservative Women, In Their Own WordsForward-logo

Finding Personal and Jewish Significance in ‘This is Us’

A Rosh Hashanah Plea for More Conversation About Infertility

Is ‘Verily’ the Future of Women’s Magazines?

The Jews in ‘Suits’




Iron Ladies                                                                                                                    Iron-Ladies

5 Lessons From Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair Essay                    





Jewish News Syndicate    

A snapshot of American Jew-hatred

Harvard surrenders to antisemitism

Biden’s undiplomatic diplomat

Harvard University ranks first in antisemitism

The City University of New York has a problem with systemic anti-Semitism  

Lessons from Colleyville

Zahra Billoo criticizes ‘polite Zionists,’ the ADL responds

Van Morrison’s lyrical anti-Semitism

The Holocaust will never be retro chic



Weaned: A Bittersweet Victory



National Review OnlineWebsite-NRO-large-logo

Cuomo’s Claims about Hasidic Wedding Deserve Scrutiny

Germany’s Misleading Classification of Antisemitic Hate Crimes

The Family Way

The Mothers of Downton Abbey

The Nanny Tax





Investigate Mayor de Blasio



Philanthropy                                                                                                                     Fall14_cover_135_135_c1_right_top            

The Center for Urban Families




PJ ParentingPJ-Parenting

Read This Book: Ron Fournier’s ‘Love That Boy’

3 Reasons I Won’t Buy The Gap’s ‘Play to Win’ Clothes




The Post Millennial        

Progressive pints: The politicization of ice cream

Seven changes coronavirus will have on contemporary life  


Real Clear Politics                                                                                                              Real-Clear-Politics      

A Fox News for Pop Culture


State Policy Network News                                                                                                                                                                                                

Innovative Partnerships Fuel Policy Reform


The University Bookman                                                         bookman-logo_400x400-1

Quasi-Religious Parenting 


Washington Examiner      

Why did the FBI undercount antisemitic hate crimes?

Berkeley Law’s anti-Zionism problem

The new loyalty oath imposed on Jews

You can’t fight antisemitism while ignoring its supporters on the Left

Publishers against the People of the Book

Does Mayim Bialik’s Zionism mean she can’t do her job? Liberal journalists think so

Sally Rooney’s nonsensical anti-Israel statement

This report on online antisemitism looks bad. Could reality be worse?

Israel tests the Olympics’ commitment to nondiscrimination — again

Condemning antisemitism can get you canceled

What Ilhan Omar’s latest scandal reveals about Democrats

The Biden administration’s half-hearted fight against antisemitism    

Jews are under attack across the world  

What Nick Cannon’s response to his anti-Semitic comments can teach us about cancel culture

Investigate Frontier Airlines for anti-Semitism

An Iran that doesn’t exist

Andrew Cuomo has been holding back New York’s vaccination effort             DC-Examiner-Logo

EU court prioritizes animals over Jews and Muslims in backing ritual slaughter ban

Douglas Macgregor’s anti-Semitic comments disqualify him from serving at the Pentagon

New York’s crackdown on Jewish businesses makes no public health sense

Gov. Andrew Cuomo plays a dangerous double game with New York Jews

It’s Cuomo and de Blasio vs. New York’s Jews

How everyday people can help Israel and support peace in the Middle East

The science of anti-Semitism

Ilhan Omar singles out her opponent’s Jewish donors with anti-Semitic campaign mailer

Hey, NFL: Take up the mantle and combat anti-Semitism

It’s always the right time to talk about anti-Semitism, especially during Black Lives Matter protests       

Iowa’s King is dethroned

The harmful impulse to stifle coronavirus discussion

For once the UN calls out global anti-Semitism

Anti-vax: it’s worse than you think

Bernie’s Promised Land 

The new feminists’ kitchen campaigns

Marco Rubio’s radical but wise proposal: Make Daylight Savings Time permanent


The Washington Post                                                                                                

Fixing Baltimore’s Schools: A model


The Citizen                                                                                                         website-the_citizen

The Elephant Speaks

Political Rumble: Economic Edition Exclusives                                                                         


If Parental Leave Matters, So Do Parents

Quitting Coffee

Theory of Relativity (or Red Fish, Pink Fish)

Tiananmen Square Changed My Life

The 49 States of America

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