What’s A Breastfeeding Mom To Wear To Synagogue?

Designers need to start keeping real women in mind when designing our clothes (today.com).   Last fall, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn took fashion designers to task for not designing clothes with non-model American women in mind. Gunn focused on unrepresentative sizing, but as I try to decide what to wear to my third daughter’s baby … Continue reading

Don’t Compartmentalize Kids

The cover of the June issue of Australian Elle magazine tells a powerful tale. We see model Nicole Trunfio nursing her young son and enjoying the special coziness that mothers regularly share with their infants. However, the backstory is even better. Unlike last year’s Glamour shots of Olivia Wilde nursing her son, the cover that Australian subscribers will see apparently wasn’t planned. According … Continue reading

Are Working Breasts Offensive?

Is Alyssa Milano hoping to become the public face of breastfeeding? And do we need one? If that was Milano’s plan, the actress is well on her way. In the last few weeks, she has shared two photos of her breastfeeding new daughter Elizabella on Instagram. The more recent snap has Milano essentially re-enacting Gisele Bundchen’s … Continue reading

Does Your Professional Conference Welcome Mothers?

You’ve decided to off-ramp while raising young children, but you don’t want your professional muscles or networks to atrophy. So, what do you do? The best solution this independent writer has found is attending conferences. Many organizations talk a good game about work-life balance, but professional reality often clashes with parenthood. There is little understanding or … Continue reading

Weaned: A Bittersweet Victory

Visions of riesling and NyQuil danced in my head. I missed them so much, especially the medicine, by the time I caught my third severe cold of the winter. Being sick is no fun, but being both ill and home alone all day with a spirited 21-month-old is possibly the definition of the Pits. Even … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be “Froshwhores”

If college was my Renaissance, high school was my Dark Ages. While there were some bright spots, I mostly loathed my four years of high school. It’s not that I was picked on, but I danced to a different drummer than most of my classmates. As a 30-something, I’m blissfully disconnected from high school in … Continue reading

Breastfeeding is my Relaxation

Once I Wean My Daughter, How Will I Relax? I’m going to miss nursing. People keep asking me when I plan to wean, and I tell them what I’ve said since Lila was born. My plan was to nurse for a year. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends one year of breastfeeding, so that seemed … Continue reading

No Apologies

Apologies are seductive. Especially for a new mother, who finds her world suddenly spinning beyond her control, apologies are incredibly appealing. The trouble is that a new mother can also find herself always apologizing. Everything is a first, and nothing goes as she expected. Does she blame herself? And should she? New mothers are barraged … Continue reading

A Night Out

Back when we were newlyweds – three long years ago – life was simple. If we wanted to go out for dinner, the only question was where we would dine. There was no “if” or “but involved.” Now that we’ve added a baby to the equation, dinner out as a duo is much more of … Continue reading

Learning the Dance

August is National Breastfeeding Month. My newest piece for The Forward is about my experience with breastfeeding, which may be all natural, but isn’t easy. It’s a dance a new mother needs to lead without having ever danced it before.  Read it here.