‘Modern Love’ Episode Illustrates The Dangers Of Dating Dad

Senior year of college, a close friend was over the moon about her new beau and wanted to set me up too, as the newly coupled are wont to do. She identified the perfect candidate, a recent college graduate who soon left a voice message inviting me to watch a movie at his place. This … Continue reading

Don’t Take Hillary Clinton’s Dating Advice

Being young and single in the city sounds so glamorous, yet it can be truly challenging. Especially now that feminism has largely disrupted traditional norms for love and courtship, it can be hard for young men and women to know how to behave when they meet that special someone. Who should initiate that first date? … Continue reading

Love and Long-Term Relationships

It took eight years, but Jon Hamm is finally an Emmy winner. Sadly, he won on the only Emmy night he’s attended without long-time partner Jennifer Westfeldt. After 18 years together, thetwo split earlier this month, and now we know why. It seems that while the couple shared a great deal of history, they disagreed about … Continue reading

Don’t Date Your Daddy

Dear 20-something Single Ladies, I used to be one of you, so I totally sympathize with your dating frustrations. As a Washingtonian, I know about dating older men. It’s so common that our city has an unofficial 10-Year Rule before funny looks ensue. I’m also aware that smart and accomplished women often gravitate toward older … Continue reading

Ladies, It’s Time to Raise Our Dating Expectations

Millennials didn’t invent the hookup culture. I remember my introduction in the fall of 1995, while visiting Harvard. I was a high school senior, trying to decide where to apply, so I spent a weekend in Cambridge. My four female hosts took me to a House-sponsored party in their dining hall (“House” being an upperclass … Continue reading