Reaching Young Fathers of Color

Fatherhood is life changing. But what does it look like if you’re a black or Latino father between the ages of 18 and 24? This question is explored in a recent report released by Baltimore’s Center for Urban Families (CFUF), Reaching Their Full Potential: Strategies for Supporting Young Fathers of Color, which compiles the wisdom of 10 fatherhood programs from … Continue reading

Adam LaRoche Puts Family First, Baseball Second

Would you want to spend all day, every day with your children? Even if you didn’t, would you support a colleague’s desire to do so? That, in a nutshell, is what divided the Chicago White Sox’s management and first baseman Adam LaRoche. LaRoche believes so strongly in his parenting style that he is walking away from … Continue reading

Prince William, Father First

British taxpayers have been up in arms as of late. It seems that Prince William, second in line for the throne, keeps an unorthodox schedule. While William pilots an air ambulance and appears at public events in his capacity as prince, he does neither full-time, and this has led to charges of laziness. It’s understandable that people … Continue reading

Men Begin Re-Establishing The Meaning Of Fatherhood

In a culture that has moved beyond “Father Knows Best” and grown weary of Homer Simpson, what does it mean to be a dad? That question is especially salient in a nation where economic and cultural changes have reduced the likelihood that a man is his family’s breadwinner or even living with his children. In … Continue reading

Why Paul Ryan Matters for Parents

Should Americans care that Paul Ryan is drawing a red line around his weekends? Americans can, and do, ignore many happenings on Capitol Hill, because they don’t see a connection to their lives. However, Ryan’s raising work-life balance and rewriting the job description for Speaker of the House could be the exception. Some parenting decisions … Continue reading

The Virtue of Being a Dad

Can you imagine acknowledging your worst parenting fail? How about doing it at an AEI event with C-SPAN’s camera rolling? If you’re a mother, I’ll bet you’re out. But if you’re a father, you might be game. What is it that makes men and women see the world so differently, especially parenting and our roles as parents? … Continue reading

Where Are Television’s Good Dads?

  Where are the men? In the Father Knows Best era, we could assume they were in (nearly) every home with a wife and child. As David Frum referenced in his recent, provocative Atlantic article, that’s no longer the case: As the wages of non-college-educated men have tumbled, marriage has looked like an increasingly pointless and even dangerous choice … Continue reading

Weinergate’s Littlest Casualty

In 2011, I sympathized with Huma Abedin. Anthony Weiner was undoubtedly abhorrent, but when she announced her pregnancy, I thought I understood her calculus: Better to stay together and offer their child an intact family life. Today, Huma makes more sense to me as a political player than a mother, though. I watched Anthony Weiner’s … Continue reading