Why Do So Many People Wish I Was Pregnant with a Boy?

In an atomized and impersonal city, nothing motivates strangers to approach and talk to you quite like a pregnant belly. What’s more interesting is what people then say. Here in cosmopolitan DC, I fully expected to get an (unsolicited) earful about this child being one too many. For while it’s not the case at our … Continue reading

Moms And Dads, Don’t Fear Your Princesses

Programmer and writer David Auerbach recently took to the pixels of Slate to fret that his preschooler loves princesses. He writes: “When my 4-year-old told me the other day that she was ‘ready for princesses,’ part of me died.” Most offensive, it seems, is that the four-year-old daughter’s preferred princesses are insufficiently Progressive. These princesses apparently … Continue reading

Pretty in Pink (and Purple)

My Baby Girl Wears Pink, So What? I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to wait until the day my baby was born to find out the gender. So the day Lila was born was exhilarating–and exhausting–but the birth drama never included the doctor’s calling out, “It’s a Girl!” The delivering doctor didn’t need … Continue reading