Judd Apatow, Stop Fooling Yourself. You’re Conservative

Poor Judd Apatow. He’s apparently spent a lot of time reading self-help books in recent years. If only he had come to me earlier, I could have saved him so much time and money. Because after reading his interview with Vulture’s David Marchese, it’s quite clear to me: Apatow is a conservative, and I think … Continue reading

What Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ Teaches About Fathers

Is Amy Schumer a secret conservative plant? If you’re a social conservative watching her new movie, “Trainwreck,” you do have to pause and consider the notion. Thirty-something Amy Townsend (Schumer) is a hot mess, or a train wreck, if you like, from the movie’s start. We learn Amy’s back story in the opening scene, as … Continue reading