Rekindling Intimacy in Marriage: An Interview with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman is a man on a mission. In his new book, The Joy of Intimacy, co-authored with Ricardo Adler, the long-time champion of marriage seeks to steer couples in the direction of wedded bliss by reacquainting them with the notion of true intimacy. Intimacy, Rabbi Friedman believes, has been forgotten amidst modern obsessions with … Continue reading

RSVP Yes to Drunk Wedding

The New York Times doesn’t typically report on video-on-demand movies. Yet, The Times recently did just that, chronicling the behind-the-scenes squabbling about the distribution of Drunk Wedding. Paramount apparently came incredibly close to widely releasing the micro-budget film. Since you may not yet have seen, or even heard about this NSFW ensemble comedy, I called director Nick Weiss (a college friend), … Continue reading