Where Are Television’s Good Dads?

  Where are the men? In the Father Knows Best era, we could assume they were in (nearly) every home with a wife and child. As David Frum referenced in his recent, provocative Atlantic article, that’s no longer the case: As the wages of non-college-educated men have tumbled, marriage has looked like an increasingly pointless and even dangerous choice … Continue reading

Don’t Date Your Daddy

Dear 20-something Single Ladies, I used to be one of you, so I totally sympathize with your dating frustrations. As a Washingtonian, I know about dating older men. It’s so common that our city has an unofficial 10-Year Rule before funny looks ensue. I’m also aware that smart and accomplished women often gravitate toward older … Continue reading

Even Betty on “Mad Men” Wants to be a Loved Mom

“Do you think I’m a good mother?” Betty asks second husband Henry Francis, as she cuddles in bed with sleeping Gene, her youngest child. “Of course,” he reassures her. Henry is a savvy politico by day and charms his wife by night. After all, who thinks Betty Francis is a good mother? This is a … Continue reading

Home Alone on Mad Men

“It’s 10pm. Do you know where your children are?” When I was growing up in New York, Fox 5 used to pose that question every night at ten. If we were all watching TV together, my mother liked to respond, “Yes, they’re right here.” Similarly, I always like to know where my toddler is and … Continue reading