Why I’m Conflicted About Drew Barrymore’s Working Mom Comments

Is there any Hollywood star more likable than Drew Barrymore? I’ve long been a fan, so I was interested to read about her widely applauded mothering post. But when I read that Instagram post, “Olive has a working mother,” I found myself having rather mixed feelings — not the non-stop feel-good reaction I was expecting. … Continue reading

What’s A Breastfeeding Mom To Wear To Synagogue?

Designers need to start keeping real women in mind when designing our clothes (today.com).   Last fall, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn took fashion designers to task for not designing clothes with non-model American women in mind. Gunn focused on unrepresentative sizing, but as I try to decide what to wear to my third daughter’s baby … Continue reading

Jennifer Weiner Got It Wrong On Work-Life Balance Nosiness

Of course we should respect women writers — moms included (amysmartgirls.com). Novelist Jennifer Weiner is peeved. Inspired by Bill O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox News, Weiner took to The New York Times late last week to mock the pugnacious TV personality for his fiction, applying standards she describes as commonplace for women writers. While I can … Continue reading

Chirlane McCray: Bad Mom?

New York is up in arms. Amidst a fawning and largely unremarkable New York magazine cover story, the First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, acknowledged that her transition to motherhood was rocky. That single paragraph launched a round of attack and counter-attack, including Mayor de Blasio’s demanding that the New York Postand Daily … Continue reading

Do You Hate Your Children?

Many adults can’t stand kids. The tragic thing is that some of them are already parents. In honor of Mother’s Day, feminist website Jezebel scoured anonymous social media site Whisper for posts from parents who regret procreating.  One parent shares, “I love my kids so much . . . but I regret having them every … Continue reading

Please Don’t Call Me a “Homemaker”

Ester Bloom, co-editor of the Billfold, opens “Reclaiming ‘Homemaker,’” her puzzling Slate article, by asserting: “Everyone agrees: The term ‘stay-at-home mom’ is no good.” Bloom offers no proof, or even an explanation of the mythical “everyone,” but I can confirm that it does not include me. Bloom may hope to start a cultural movement, reclaiming … Continue reading

Who Needs That Seat More, You or the Preggo?

A woman waddles toward you in the Metro station. Her navy blue dress embraces a ballooning belly. It strikes you, as you stare, that she’s pregnant. She keeps approaching, but you stay seated; it’s been a long day, you think, as you wait for the day’s last train. It’s not until she’s standing right before … Continue reading

Stephanie Seymour’s Incest Chic

Mary and Jesus were the “it” mother and son for Medieval and Renaissance artists. Mary Cassatt later democratized such portraits, painting less famous mothers interacting lovingly with their children. None of those artists would recognize the latest iteration of mother-son portraiture, though: supermodel Stephanie Seymour and two of her sons posing for the new issue … Continue reading

Tweens and Sex: Parenting is Not a Spectator Sport

Is there anything more horrifying than hearing 11-year old girls discuss oral sex? If you’re the parent of a young girl, as I am, that would be a definite no. In Newsweek’s cover story, “Sex and the Single Tween,” Abigail Jones (full disclosure: my old editor at The Jewish Daily Forward) catalogs countless examples of … Continue reading

Why Does P&G’s Olympic Ad Thank Only Moms?

Stay-at-home dad Andy Hinds takes issue with the new Procter and Gamble (P&G)  Olympic ad campaign, “Pick Them Back Up,” over at The New York Times’ Motherlode blog. Hinds notes a number of shortcomings, but he is most troubled by P&G’s thanking only mothers for picking up and dusting off their tumbling little ones, encouraging … Continue reading