Interview with Julie Geller: Mom, Singer, and Songwriter

Editor’s Note: Altcatholicah is committed to interfaith dialogue and fostering fruitful conversation about faith and gender. Here, Melissa Langsam Braunstein interviews a Jewish singer and songwriter about the challenges of balancing career and motherhood as well as about the role her faith plays in influencing her music. Julie Geller is living her musical dream. The … Continue reading

Pretty in Pink (and Purple)

My Baby Girl Wears Pink, So What? I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to wait until the day my baby was born to find out the gender. So the day Lila was born was exhilarating–and exhausting–but the birth drama never included the doctor’s calling out, “It’s a Girl!” The delivering doctor didn’t need … Continue reading

Strangers Are My New Best Friends

How a New Baby Turns Strangers Into Friends Years ago, a matchmaker told me, “A stranger is just a friend you’ve yet to meet.” I laughed, finding the sentiment corny. After all, as a native New Yorker I’d been raised with the opposite philosophy. My father had warned: “If a stranger talks to you, run … Continue reading

Strange(rs’) Impatience

Strangers Getting Personal If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think that our daughter’s grandmothers were up to something. After all, how many random Washingtonians can ask me when Baby #2 is due? To be clear, I’m not pregnant. And that’s precisely the point. I am the non-pregnant-looking mother of a 9-month old-bundle of … Continue reading

No Apologies

Apologies are seductive. Especially for a new mother, who finds her world suddenly spinning beyond her control, apologies are incredibly appealing. The trouble is that a new mother can also find herself always apologizing. Everything is a first, and nothing goes as she expected. Does she blame herself? And should she? New mothers are barraged … Continue reading

A Night Out

Back when we were newlyweds – three long years ago – life was simple. If we wanted to go out for dinner, the only question was where we would dine. There was no “if” or “but involved.” Now that we’ve added a baby to the equation, dinner out as a duo is much more of … Continue reading

Learning the Dance

August is National Breastfeeding Month. My newest piece for The Forward is about my experience with breastfeeding, which may be all natural, but isn’t easy. It’s a dance a new mother needs to lead without having ever danced it before.  Read it here.