Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems

Grandmothers, You’re Scaring Me Grandmothers and more experienced mothers: You’re starting to scare me. I appreciate the constant cooing over my little girl, I do. But the nostalgia you regularly voice is worrisome. My year-old daughter, Lila, and I are regularly stopped by women who identify themselves as having “older” or “grown” children, and most … Continue reading

A Cake-centric Celebration

In Search of the Perfect Kosher Birthday Cake Do you remember your first birthday? I don’t. My parents do have photographic evidence that I attended, and they’ve repeatedly reminisced about the great cake I had. It was chocolate and featured a marzipan mouse, in honor of my baby nickname, Melissa Mouse. In the intervening years, … Continue reading

Daring Parents to Break the Law

The Nanny Tax There are certain laws everybody breaks. Everybody jaywalks, nobody respects the speed limit, and nobody pays taxes for the children’s nanny. But would more parents follow nanny-related laws if the system were more straightforward? As a new mother, I wonder. I had spent several years as a full-time speechwriter. Last spring, I … Continue reading

Teach Your Parents Well

Swooshing Vertical Blinds,  Crinkling Paper, And Other Things My Daughter Taught Me As new parents, we assume all the responsibility for teaching lies with us; in many ways it does. After all, we’ve lived longer than our babies. We know how water faucets and doors work. The flip-side of familiarity, of course, is blindness and … Continue reading

Mama Bears Prefer Kvelling

It’s Amazing What Happens When You’re Nice to My Kid “If someone is nice to your child, you can forgive a lot,” my mother said. Seven months into motherhood, I consider that the ultimate truism. If Lila and I meet you, this mother’s Jewish eyes may be smiling, but they’ll also be watching you like … Continue reading

Mothers Make the Best Hires

No one lists “mother” on her resume, but maybe we should. It’s an intense job that’s perfect for a lifelong learner. In honor of all those currently doing the world’s hardest job, here’s a list of 10 reasons why mothers make the best hires. Mothers Make the Best Hires A headhunter recently contacted me about … Continue reading

Quitting Coffee

The end of summer is nigh. Labor Day beckons. In the secular world, that’s the signal to squeeze in a few more beach days. For Jews, this is the cue that the High Holidays are right around the corner. And for me, it was always the reminder to start tapering down my caffeine intake. You … Continue reading