Israel tests the Olympics’ commitment to nondiscrimination — again

The Tokyo Olympics have yet to begin. Yet tiny Israel is already testing the International Olympic Committee’s commitment to its mission. Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council held its quadrennial panel on “leveraging sport and the Olympic ideal for promoting human rights for young people.” The famously Israel-obsessed council affirmed “the Olympic ideal … [of] … Continue reading

3 Reasons I Won’t Buy The Gap’s ‘Play to Win’ Clothes

Sometimes a pair of pants is just a pair of pants. And sometimes they make you think. In this case, I’m talking about some leggings our local Gap Kids is showcasingas part of its Summer Olympics window display. I noticed the multi-colored leggings initially walking by the store myself, filing away a mental note that my … Continue reading

Why Does P&G’s Olympic Ad Thank Only Moms?

Stay-at-home dad Andy Hinds takes issue with the new Procter and Gamble (P&G)  Olympic ad campaign, “Pick Them Back Up,” over at The New York Times’ Motherlode blog. Hinds notes a number of shortcomings, but he is most troubled by P&G’s thanking only mothers for picking up and dusting off their tumbling little ones, encouraging … Continue reading