7 Passover Lessons I Learned From Twitter

Jews around the world spent this past weekend at our Passover Seders celebrating our march from slavery to freedom. Meanwhile, it appears the rest of the English-speaking Twitterverse has been busy commenting about the Festival of Freedom. From these tweets, this Jew learned several lessons. 1. ‘Star Wars’ Has a Jewish side Apparently, there are … Continue reading

A Season of Miracles

This is the season of miracles. Christians recently rejoiced on the day of their Savior’s resurrection, nature’s rebirth is underway, and Jews are about to celebrate our freedom from slavery and the Exodus from Egypt. Last year at this time, I fretted that I felt like Pharaoh. In dealing with our older daughter’s unexplained health issues, … Continue reading

I am Pharaoh

I am the new Pharaoh. For more than three decades, I’ve prepared for Passover, and every other time, I’ve related to the Israelite slaves. Not so this year, as I’ve recently met the hard limits of my own parenting powers. In his own time, Pharaoh was considered more than a man by his own people; he … Continue reading

Interview with Julie Geller: Mom, Singer, and Songwriter

Editor’s Note: Altcatholicah is committed to interfaith dialogue and fostering fruitful conversation about faith and gender. Here, Melissa Langsam Braunstein interviews a Jewish singer and songwriter about the challenges of balancing career and motherhood as well as about the role her faith plays in influencing her music. Julie Geller is living her musical dream. The … Continue reading

Festival of Freedom

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? For me, the story of the Jews’ journey out of Egypt — out of bondage — feels personally resonant, after a year in which my extended family has encountered countless emotional and physical hardships. Most scarring for me was the miscarriage I suffered on September 11, … Continue reading

Roadtripping with Children and Other Modern Plagues

The Israelites spent 40 years wandering in circles in the Sinai. Strong youngsters walked ahead, while the elderly, infirm, children, and their parents followed. After this year’s Passover family road trip, winding through the wilds of New Jersey’s back roads, I understand why. Everything simply takes longer with children, including travel. My husband and I … Continue reading

No Apologies

Apologies are seductive. Especially for a new mother, who finds her world suddenly spinning beyond her control, apologies are incredibly appealing. The trouble is that a new mother can also find herself always apologizing. Everything is a first, and nothing goes as she expected. Does she blame herself? And should she? New mothers are barraged … Continue reading