Give Women What They Want: Revive The Rom-Com

SPOILER ALERT! One night this summer, I had nowhere to be and nothing particular to watch, so I let Amazon recommend a movie. They got me right by recommending a rom-com starring Ethan Hawke, whom I’ve loved ever since “Reality Bites.” But they got me oh, so wrong by selecting “Juliet, Naked.” Now, given that … Continue reading

Bridget Jones Roars Back With Her Baby

There’s nothing quite like catching up with an old friend. It gives us an opportunity to take stock, while reveling in the company of someone who knows us, warts and all, and still cheers for us anyway. In many ways, that’s what “Bridget Jones’ Baby” is: an opportunity to see how our old friend Bridge … Continue reading

Must Humor Be Politically Correct?

Rom-Coms are my favorite kind of movies. Yet Hollywood’s releases have become increasingly formulaic, unfunny, and anything but romantic. (Is Bridesmaids really the best we can do?) So, I was thrilled to encounter Serial (Bad) Weddings at the Washington Jewish Film Festival a few weeks ago. The French film, subtitled in English, is uproariously funny. That is, if you’re willing to … Continue reading