How Our Anti-Boy Culture Affects Mothers Like Me

Et tu, American Psychological Association? If anyone was going to hold the line on masculinity’s being a psychologically healthy phenomenon, this descendant of social workers would have hoped it would be mental health professionals. Instead, the APA released guidelines for treating the traditionally masculine, those recognizable by their “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of … Continue reading

Why Do So Many People Wish I Was Pregnant with a Boy?

In an atomized and impersonal city, nothing motivates strangers to approach and talk to you quite like a pregnant belly. What’s more interesting is what people then say. Here in cosmopolitan DC, I fully expected to get an (unsolicited) earful about this child being one too many. For while it’s not the case at our … Continue reading

Stephanie Seymour’s Incest Chic

Mary and Jesus were the “it” mother and son for Medieval and Renaissance artists. Mary Cassatt later democratized such portraits, painting less famous mothers interacting lovingly with their children. None of those artists would recognize the latest iteration of mother-son portraiture, though: supermodel Stephanie Seymour and two of her sons posing for the new issue … Continue reading