10 Ways the Second Pregnancy is Different Than the First

Pregnancy is a great divide. My mothering life bears little resemblance to my pre-pregnancy life. But my second go-round is reshaping my thoughts about pregnancy. Being pregnant while parenting a toddler is so much harder. Now wiser, I offer 10 of my own second pregnancy lessons: 1. Hello, Exhaustion. When I was pregnant with Lila … Continue reading

Katy Perry’s Cleavage, Forever on Sesame Street

Katy, please cover up. I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea for Katy Perry to wear such a skimpy dress on Sesame Street, but they must not have preschoolers. This summer, my two-year-old discovered Elmo, and all she wanted to do during our rainy August afternoons on Cape Cod was watch … Continue reading

Sudden Separation

Certain memories stick with you. Three decades later, my mother recalls the first time she spent a night away from me; she was hospitalized while pregnant with my sister. I fear that when Lila is my age, I too will remember the first time we spent a night apart, especially now that we’ve spent several … Continue reading

Raising a True Beauty

Would you rather be beautiful and stupid or ugly and brilliant? Think about it for a moment. As a high-achieving high school student, I remember considering it a no-brainer: It was better to be beautiful and stupid. Today, studies have shown that people react differently to others based on looks, with attractive people benefiting in … Continue reading

Toddleritis & Modern Parenting

More from the Annals of Toddleritis I was totally feeling Jordana’s piece on Toddleritis. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni’s recent parenting critique? Not so much. The childless Bruni considers modern parenting too indulgent and democratic. His self-described parenting credential is being Uncle Frank, but the gap between aunt/uncle and parent is like that between … Continue reading

Confronting My Fear of Driving for My Daughter

It’s a bit embarrassing. I didn’t even tell my friends. But now that it’s over, I confess: my new year’s resolution for 2013 was to take driving lessons. Yes, I already had a driver’s license. I’ve had a license since I was 17 and living in the New York suburbs. But I left for college … Continue reading

Learning to Share My Food

Learning to Share All My Food With My Daughter I understood Joey Tribbiani. When I was single, I wouldn’t have liked a date who took my french fries either. I’ve always been particular about my food. But my understanding of food–its meaning and purpose–has also evolved somewhat over time. At every stage in my life, … Continue reading

My Toddler and I Had Our First Fight

Every duo fights. It’s inevitable, especially when you’re always together. Until recently, Lila and I have had a pacific relationship. But increasingly, I’m interacting with a rapidly evolving and independent little person. This is wonderful overall, but Lila is less predictable and more difficult to manage than she was only a month ago, stretching me … Continue reading

Who Needs Baby Albums Anymore?

Why do we still buy baby albums? Last year, 4.2 million American babies were born, and category leader C.R. Gibson — which sold the first baby books in 1898 and now has over 20% of the pre-fab baby book market — sold roughly 800,000 traditional, hard-copy baby books to their families. I don’t judge. As … Continue reading

Kiss the (Tiny) Cook

Earlier this year, I became intrigued by the voice that seems to serenade us from so many of Fisher-Price’s toys and contacted the company requesting an interview. Unfortunately, the woman’s identity is a trade secret, but the company offered to send us one of their new toys gratis as a consolation prize. Knowing Lila as … Continue reading